RenishaS (renishas) wrote in bad_service,

Next time the dog can starve I guess...

I went to the place where pets are family today to get dog food.

Relevant information: I'm a very petite woman who is currently 5 1/2 months pregnant. I have two mid-large breed dogs. My husband usually picks up their food but he is sick and should not leave the house.

I picked up my three year old from school today and stopped to get food because we ran out last night and the dogs need breakfast. I grabbed a cart and made a round though the store so my son could look at the fish and the mice and then we went to get food. I buy a 35ib bag of senor food. I got it off the shelf and into the cart without a problem because it was situated at height where I could slide it without any help. I get to the check out counter and ask if there is an associate who can help me to my car with the food.

Cashier: Why?
Me: The bag is heavy and I need help lifting it into the car. (Note: There are signs through out the store and on every cart that say to ask an associate for help with heavy lifting.)
Cashier: You can take the cart outside and bring it back.
Me: The bag is 35ibs. It's too heavy for me to lift into the car. I just need a little help.
Cashier: Ok. Fine. (rings for assistance)

She rang me up while a very nice gentleman arrived to grab my dog food. As we walked off I heard her say something that I couldn't quite catch but it sounded like 'you got it in the cart..."

I rarely go to this location, I stopped because it's close to my son's preschool and it was convenient.  Now I think going out ot my way to go to the one near my house would have been more convenient.

Edit- I called the store and the manager apologized and said he's speak with the cashier on duty.

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