gaiman_phile (gaiman_phile) wrote in bad_service,

I dunno if this is considered a "Bad_Service" thing or not?

Okay, so back in 2011, things got REALLY ugly for me. 2012, they started to (slowly) improve, I was able to get into my apartment I'm in now thanks to a program called Shelter+Care through the housing authority people in my city.

Well, I was on that for over a year, and then in December they sent me a letter saying, "Surprise! We're switching you over to Section 8 by January." That gave me like 2 weeks (I'm serious) to get all the information I needed and get my lease and everything situated. I'm a very organized person (I have OCD), and I don't do with unknowns very well. I can't handle unknowns. I only thrive on absolute and certainty. Comes from a lack of stability growing up. Anytime my stability is even threatened just the tiniest bit, I panic.

Well, whilst on Shelter+Care, I was receiving a monthly allotment of $96 to care for stuff like buying things for my apartment, paying for my dog's and cat's food, buying stuff I needed for me (ie bath soap, shampoo, bath tissue, etc). I'm disabled, but my disability thing is - still - in appeals. :( So, I depend on this money to take care of the bare necessities. So far, I've managed to make it work out for over a year.

I had to go to a "Housing Briefing" a few weeks ago (just before Christmas) to get an understanding of what this switch-over from Shelter+Care to Section 8 would entail, what I would need to do, all that sort of stuff. What to expect, you know, the basics. Well, I had asked if the monthly allowance thing would continue. THEY SAID YES.

Well, January comes, no money. I'm almost out of EVERYTHING. Luckily, I've got friends who are awesome and willing to help out.

I had tried to call, pretty much EVERY DAY since the Tuesday after the holiday. I was willing to be understanding b/c of the weather we had was just beyond unbearable (-40+ windchills!?), so whatever. But, I'd called DAILY and left messages. I knew the people had a lot going on, but they could at least call back or send a letter. Which would have been fine, send me a letter at least, so I know what the heck is happening so I can plan accordingly.

Well, today I decide to call back and try again. I get a guy who tells me, "Yeah, someone should've at least sent you a letter!" and explains to me that this is considered a "move," since they're commuting my situation from one housing program to another. That it could take 30-60 days, BUT the good news is, they'll back-date the money, so I will still be paid for the months missed.

Which is good news.

I just wish someone would've said something at either the housing briefing thing or at least let me know by way of a letter. Sigh.
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