Erin (ebay313) wrote in bad_service,

Comcast tells me one price for Installation, then charges me 6x as much after

So I recently moved and decided to get internet through comcast because they actually had the lowest prices. I've heard that wowway is much better at costumer service and the like, but since they actually ended up being more expensive that comcast I decided to go with the cheaper option. Seriously regretting that now.

I went through the sign up process, and talked about installation. I was told for some reason having a person come out to install was actually going to be cheaper- $10- than being sent a self installation package. So of course I go with the professional install- why wouldn't I?
I schedule the install time, everything is great.

Oh, and for reference I'm renting a wireless modem/router thing from them.

So day of the install the guy comes out, gets the cords hooked up, connects the router and sets up the wireless internet connection. At no point does he indicate he is doing anything beyond a basic install, and certainly does not mention any additional fees.
Modem/router gets set up and he leaves.

Everything seems fine.... until I get my bill.

Where I'm charged the first bill $10 for installation, and then the second bill an additional $49.95 for installation.
I just got off the phone with comcast who claims that $10 is only for a basic installation and setting up the wireless network isn't part of that. And they don't tell you that before hand because they don't know before they set it up how much it will be, for some reason.

Things that don't make sense about this to me:
1. If I'm renting a specifically wireless router- how is them providing a wireless network an additional, unexpected service? And of course it wasn't unexpected, it was clear when I talked to the person about installation and was told it was $10 that I was planning to have a WIRELESS connection.
2. Even if this was an extra requirement that they didn't realize was needed when they talked to me (except they did), how is it ok to not at any point mention this and get my permission to have this service provided and billed?

Then the guy on the phone is trying to claim it is more, and again they can't know the cost until after the fact, because the cost varies by how many devices you have connected. Except installation didn't involve connecting any of my devices. The installation involved connecting and setting up the modem/router. That's it. After that me connected one device or 300 devices to that wireless network makes no difference on what the installation service was.

And again, I was never informed of this "extra service" or the cost. Seriously, how is that acceptable? How do you not need someone's permission to perform a service for a fee BEFORE doing it? If I go outside and shovel my neighbors sidewalk, can I then send them a bill for my service even though that service was never requested or agreed to?
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