Ishtar L-Amarain (sharz) wrote in bad_service,
Ishtar L-Amarain

*MOD POST* Late post is late....

...but better late than never I guess. Taking advantage of latest wank to announce the new mods.

sharz (Duh)

Feel free to contact any or all of us should wank be brewing, people behaving out of line or general issues with the comm etc. We'll also of course be actively modding the community as we have mods in different time zones etc.

You can also leave a comment on this link below:

Contact mods

In the works: Tag clean up and new info pages with the rules updated- in order to reflect the change in mods. Also the mods at customers_suck have reached for potential collaborations.

I'll keep you posted but in any case feel free to say hi!
Tags: mod comment

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