lizza (darkfireangel88) wrote in bad_service,

Dean Healthcare

Mid-December, I use the Obamacare Marketplace website thing to sign up for health insurance. I had no issues with the website at all. I chose an insurance plan through Dean Health Care. A few days later, I get my bill for my first month's coverage. I write out a check, stick it in the provided, pre-adressed envelope, send it off. Around new year's, I realize they haven't cashed it yet, which seems weird, so I call the 800 number.

I finally get to someone who can help me and explain to him how I got the bill, paid it, it's been about a week and a half and they haven't cashed it, and I'm worried they're going to say I'm inactive or ineligible or whatever due to nonpayment since it's getting close to the due date for the payment. I give him my name, address, DOB, and last four of my SSN. He looks me up and goes, in a no-nonsense tone, "I found your account, [my name], and you're listed as ineligible. You don't have insurance."

...WHAT?!?!!? 0_0 But I, I registered! I paid a bill! I start spluttering at him and he LAUGHS and goes, "I'm just joking, [my name]. You are listed as active." I was so stunned and freaked out (I have had issue upon issue getting insurance and was just like oh geez another SNAFU I have to deal with) that I just kind of weakly laughed while waiting for my panic to subside. He was extremely condescending when I couldn't tell him where I sent the check. "Whatever the address on the envelope was." "Oookay, so you sent money somewhere without making a note of the address? That doesn't sound like a good idea."

I asked to be transferred to someone else after that, and they were very nice and explained they'd extended the payment deadline due to all the new applicants, so if I wanted to wait a little longer for the check to show up that would be fine, or they could take a payment and help me set up automatic ones. I opted for that. So in the end it wasn't super bad service, but just a phone guy with an inappropriate attitude.
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