taylor_writes (taylor_writes) wrote in bad_service,


I received a letter from UPS telling me I had been signed up for their My Choice tracking service and if it was a mistake to call them immediately at the number provided. Well I call the number and the automated choices don't even list anything to do with My Choice. I try asking for more choices or customer service with no luck. I end up pushing zero and wait on hold for about 20 minutes for an agent.

The woman who answers clearly does not have a grip on the English language because after I explain the situation the following conversation happens:

UPS: So did you actually receive the package?
Me: I think What?! So I explain again sloowly.
UPS: To cancel the service you need to log online with your user name and password.
Me: I can't do it over the phone?
UPS: Uh, to cancel the service you need to log online. I can't do it for you.
Me: So why does the letter tell me to call you to cancel if I can't actually call and cancel?
UPS: I can transfer you to tech support if you don't know how to log online.

Incredulous I stared at my phone for a second and just hung up. Smh.
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