Savvy (tayliah) wrote in bad_service,

Burger King

For the life of me, i can not understand what is so hard about the phrase "minus mayo". None. Zilch. Zero. Don't put it on there. Is that a bit much to ask? I wouldn't think so, but apparently i'm wrong. I check my sandwich and guess what? There it is, a ton of it. Now what if I were deathly allergic to mayo and bit into that? Upon further inspection, no only did you slather it on there, you gave me the wrong sandwich altogether. How does "a chicken sandwich minus mayo" sound like "a double whopper"?

I did not give you a combo number. I spoke slowly and clearly. You even asked me to repeat it! Then when you make me turn around and waste my valuable time to go back and correct your mistake, you start arguing and inform me that is not what i ordered.

Really? My receipt shows exactly what i stated. You corrected the order, but not even an apology?

Look, i don't even like fast food. But you got my business because it's 2am, nothing else is open and I hadn't had a thing to eat all day & night and I really dreaded the thought of going home to cook because aside from being hungry, i'm also tired.

Well, never again.
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