usagi (usagiweaver) wrote in bad_service,

Dumb cashier is dumb.

So I go to Target and use the antiquated monetary conveyance known as "a check" because I need use the money from that account to pay. As I hand it to the cashier, he takes… and drops it… whereby it falls DIRECTLY in a CRACK between the scanner counter and the counter that has the conveyer belt. I look at him. He looks at me. He makes a feeble attempt to look where it dropped. Raises and lowers the conveyer belt area. Then he keeps looking at me. Like I'm supposed to just write him another check. A minute later, I say "What am I supposed to do?!" he says "I guess I can call someone over." Yeah. You do that.

A manager comes over and starts trying to sweep through the crack with some papers, hoping to slide the dropped check out. Then the manager moves the conveyer counter up and down again. I comment, "I mean, what if it had been cash?" Still nothing. Then another manager comes over and has him go off and look for a bag left by another customer while she takes over helping me. More looking and fumbling around ensues.

I'm looking on my side of the counter as to whether there was a way to open something up, and ask if that's a possibility. The second manager comes over to my side and jiggles the panel, then raises the counter back up. After that, the panel lifted up and came off showing the dirty underbelly of the conveyer belt section. No check was seen. So I bend over with my phone flashlight and see a small square opening. I ponder out loud as to whether there was a perfect storm and whether it could have fallen in there.

Put my hand in the grimy hole, pulled out a pen. Then reached in again. TA DAAAAA!!!! And pulled out the check. As the manager ran it through the register, she and I had a conversation about how I would have had to put a stop check through and how much of a pain that would have been. She even mentioned that having to do that may have even cost me money. I repeat to her what I'd said about what if it'd been cash to slide down there. And maybe the General Manager needs to have maintenance clean under those things once in a while.

Written down, it doesn't sound like a lot, but the whole nonchalance of the cashier and his lack of action to start with was really irritating. But the second manager's niceness and effort seriously made up for any negativity I was feeling towards the cashier or the store in general.
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