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Off LJ Bad Service

So this is something special

Text for the linkphobic below. It's copy pasted, included the typos

This is not what we call good customer service. In fact, it is one of the most extreme cases of bad customer service we have seen in a very long time.

Dr DP runs an online company selling sporting memorabilia.

He was unable to deliver a gift ordered three weeks before Christmas – what he did deliver was an expletive-laden rant in writing to a female customer.

Christmas gifts are a rarity for hardworking mum LN and husband Kirk. And with Kirk recently retrenched, Lisa decided this year she would cheer him up with something special.

Lisa placed an order for a personally signed photograph of Hawthorn star LH on December 6 and was told to expect delivery in three to nine days, with a guarantee the package would arrive before Christmas.

However, by Christmas Eve it had not yet turned up.

“I went and found a LH personally signed picture. There was only 100 made with a certificate and so I searched around for it. On the Hawthorn footy site it had sold out so I found this one on Sports Online.

“They informed me [on Christmas Eve] they'd checked the courier and it was definitely on the truck and it'd be here by five so I said i'd wait the extra hour which I did. We waited until five and it didn't arrive, by that time they were closed so I was unable to contact them.”

Christmas Day came and went so Lisa cancelled the order.

The email she got in reply left her shocked.

It read: “We cannot provide further information until we are back in the office. In the meantime thanks for f*****g up our Christmas as we clearly f****d up yours. Please check our refund policy and in the 14 minutes in which Christmas remains, try go f*****g yourself.”

Further emails read: “Dr DAP. Severely P****d off Owner Sports Online. After all, did you go to church today to actually celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ?

“They obviously didn't preach about mercy, Do whatever you f*****g want to do.”

Lisa said: “I thought he'd be in shock that I didn't receive it, but when I opened it I was the one in shock. I couldn't believe what he wrote.

“They were appalling, quite disgusting actually. Iwouldn't think anyone would be silly enough to write anything like that.

“I don't think anyone deserves that treatment. I think he should have been apologetic and done whatever he could to help me find the parcel then I wouldn't have done anything.”

Today Tonight politely approached DP several times to ask if he would like to give his side of the story. He even phoned us, claiming he was only human and had made a mistake.

However, he only delivered another foul-mouthed rant, this time in our direction. Some of which is in writing, plastered across his Sports Online website.

The statement does apologise for gifts which did not make it by Christmas and gives examples of good customer service and charity.

But there is no explanation for his emails.

Brand and marketing expert SH is shocked any business owner could behave this way, let alone someone with the credentials of DrDP who is also a university lecturer and co-author of several books.

“This is appalling isn't it,” he said. “I mean, obviously the guy's got tired and emotional it is the end of the year, but he's a CEO.

“The customer now is not only right but the customer has a voice and the customer has power and the customer is in position they've never been in before and this guy has had a mad moment and he's forgotten all that.

“I hate to say it but I think the outcome here for this business is catastrophic.”

Then comes the butthurt responses on the actual website

Posted 01-01-14 by Jarrad

As I (Dr D) was saying in an earlier blog post this morning, the fault of a courier to deliver a piece to a customer before Christmas made her (thanks, Miss LN of Wyndam Vale in Victoria) dob us into Channel 7 who then turned up to scare my wife and kids while I was at the office working to continue our record of (almost-always) great service!

We ain't perfect, Jarrad or I, and I have already written in previous blogs that we are sorry to those small group of customers who have been subject to couriers not meeting their delivery timelines and promises, and therefore feel that we have broken our promise to them. When this is the case, our standard approach is to offer a refund, a Gift Voucher, or a gift. We did this yesterday, for instance, for Brian F whose PB Replica Trophy was not the model shown on our website. Rather than stuffing around with a replacement, we sent him a framed Brock poster that he is delighted about.

That's service recovery. Sometimes I'm not very good at it. This is generally the case when customers write demanding or angry emails when we cannot do a thing to help except contact the courier (or Australia Post) and try to get them their item as quickly as possible. All it takes is a little humanity. We are truly sorry when something that should be under the Christmas Tree isn't there, but we're not selling online books. Our products do sometimes break when they are dropped in transit. The couriers, like the boss in Christmas Vacation, sometimes don't do the right thing. Like airlines, sometimes things go missing. They can even be mislabeled by the manufacturer, as has occurred with one piece this Christmas.

Still, we are the public face and need to take responsibility for that which is in our area of responsibility. We do. One result is that during the course of the next month, we are sacking our courier company and finding one that has greater reliability and more-extensive national coverage. Another is that, like every product page of our website, we're not going to promise that something will arrive on a particular day even if we have paid for Express Delivery and so on. Once the piece has left our hands, not everything is under our control. In future, we'll give you our best prediction and leave it at that.

So, mea culpa. We stuff up. We're human. We usually get it right, and we've got some fantastic customer praise this year. But sometimes we err.

But we're not going to sit around and cop a slamming on Today Tonight when Channel 7 is happy to show movies almost every night that drop the "F-Bomb". They show a plethora of AFL games and tennis matches in which players constantly swear. We don't have to hear it on air to see that virtually every time a footy player misses a goal, out comes the F-bomb. Doesn't excuse us, but it does make 7 the very model of hypocrisy.

One last thing. In November, despite still owing a fortune for this business after buying it from Mark almost two years ago, Wendy and I gave $600 to a local woman whose knee surgery had ended so badly that she could not walk and would not walk until they try it again in mid-2014. We didn't tell another soul about this and we didn't even know her well, but it was something we wanted to do to help someone else less fortunate than us. I wouldn't have mentioned this, but it's a fact of our recent lives.

Hope your New Year starts with a little less wackiness than ours!

Oh, and I'm not publishing any comments you make to this Blog, so they'll whistle in the wind.

Doc Dave.

There was another blog post that had more swear words in it swearing at Chanel 7 but it's been removed since and given that comments have been disabled for this entry, I'm assuming it didn't go down too well with the public.

Channel 7, I usually ignore since Today Tonight is the equivalent of Fox News but thankful just a show not an entire channel but this caught my eye on the Yahoo7 (Yahoo owns Channel 7 or the other way around for Australia) today.

I understand that small business have issues all the time and couriers mess up all the time but this is not how to respond to a customer complaint, no matter how frustrating it might be.

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