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Typical behavior for a beauty school?

Long time, no post.

I couldn't afford to visit the eco-friendly salon and I have had really bad experiences with cheap chains, so I decided to give the beauty school a shot when I needed a hair cut.

I have never had my haircut at a beauty school before, so I'm not sure if this is typical behavior for the students who were working that day. The unprofessionalism made me feel a little uncomfortable.

I understand that most of the students are fresh out of high school, it's a Saturday morning and that they are stuck at a salon. Did I really have to sit there for 2.5 hours and listen to:

- how much you hate that stuck-up girl who sits in the back of the class and watches YouTube videos

- how awesome it would be to have a Brazilian with the laser machine

- a student call her mom and ask her for Brazilian hair removal laser treatment for Christmas

- a student complain about a woman she works with at a pizza place who uses her child as an excuse to get weekends off so she can get drunk and party

- people talk about who slept with who when you all went to high school... because you apparently all went to the same high school

-  your experiences with drugs and alcohol

There were a lot of students standing around gossiping and not doing anything. There were 5 of them within 5 feet of me with only one other paying client in the room. The nature of their conversation just made me feel uncomfortable, especially when they started talking hatefully about other people they know.

Is it wrong of me to expect some professionalism with paying clients are around? Whenever I go into a retail store or fast food joint, I rarely get to catch full conversations about what coworkers they hate or how awesome it would be to have your privates waxed. Maybe it's because I don't stick around for 2.5 hours to find out. I understand that some clients like to have conversations like that with their hair stylists, but I am never in the proximity to hear it.

If this is not bad_service, feel free to delete. I was just wondering if this is what I am to expect if I decide to go back or if I decide to try another school.

Edited: wording changed at the request of a mod. Thanks for the advice, all!

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