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Hospital bad service

Preface with the fact my husband has bad food allergies that we manage with avoiding the trigger and diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for exposures. They are a little strange, symptomatically, he gets the abdominal pain and some psych symptoms (lethargy, memory loss, general foggyness) without skin or breathing symptoms, but he has allergies. He's been living with them for the past four years.

Recently he has a bad attack, we think it's because I went out and ate at a restaurant for lunch and must not have cleaned up well enough, sucky, but it happens! Then he doesn't really get much better, two days later, another attack, we treat with Benadryl and he gets a little better, he's still not great but we think it's just taking time to clear his system. Then a week after the first one, he goes into another bad spell. At this point I can't take it anymore, I call Urgent Care and ask if they have anything stronger than Benadryl to treat food allergy reactions, they say they do, to bring him in.

We go in, my father helps us, wait in the waiting room, finally get seen, vitals taken, and "Nope, all we have is Benadryl, if you've already given him some then there's nothing we can do but send him to the ER"

Arg! But he's barely able to respond to questions and in horrible pain, so off we go. We get to the ER, they take him back, take vitals, take blood, listen to me and my father explain that he has food allergies, this is utterly typical for an allergic reaction for him, it has happened exactly like this a dozen times before, we just don't know why it's lasting so long this time. (Side note, my dad was an EMT and worked in an ER for about 6-7 years when he was younger.)

The doctor looks at us, says he's never heard of allergies causing pain or confusion so it must not be an allergic reaction. And he's Very Concerned because he took allergy medication for what can't be an allergy. He needs to find out what's causing it! Off he goes.

Then nurses keep coming in to do tests that we refuse. "Ok, we're going to take him for an x-ray" "How is an x-ray going to help with allergies?" "It has nothing to do with allergies, but...." "No x-ray" "We're going to give him charcoal for the Benadryl he took" "So what allergy medicine are you going to give him instead?" "Oh, we're not going to give him any because the doctor doesn't think this is an allergy" "No, you're not going to try and get rid of the ONLY medicine he has in his system that's helping" They come in with a shot for anti-nausea, which we also refuse because He's Not Nauseated.

Then they ignore us for about two hours, at which point the Benadryl finally kicks in! The pain goes away, and my husband perks up, is alert, aware, back to normal, just tired. At this point we figure out what he's been exposed to. The symptoms started the day we bought our new couch, he must be allergic to it, and since he's felt bad, he's been laying on the couch all day getting sicker! Now that we've figured this out, and he's fine, we want to go.

We can't get anyone in. They're waiting on tests. The doctor comes in to tell us he's waiting on toxicology and gets startled when my husband goes "By the way, I'm fine now, you can talk to me directly." And just stares and then rushes out without saying a word. After a couple more hours of being ignored it's late, it's a few days to Christmas, we're tired, husband asks his father in law to unhook him from everything. He goes to the front desk, announces that we will be leaving soon. When my father's gloving up to get the heplock out after everything else, the doctor finally comes back. We can't take the heplock out, his blood work was consistent with an allergic reaction! But he's not having an allergic reaction, so it could be anything! He could need an organ transplant! He needs to be admitted Right Now. "What will you do if he's admitted?" "Keep him here and observe him for any changes" "So... exactly what we could be doing at home?" "We just feel it would be better here."

My dad says the doctor can remove the heplock, or he will. He's put in and removed thousands, it's not going to keep us there.

Finally, after more delaying, a nurse removed the heplock and gets us the AMA papers. My husband got in a good zinger at the end though.

"Do you know your name?" "It's blah" "Do you know what today is?" "It's blah" "Street you live on?" "Blah" and so on, until
"Are you seeing or hearing anything you shouldn't?"
My husband points directly at his chest. "A doctor"

We got to leave after that.

The couch has been covered in blankets and it appears to have been skin-absorption because he's 100% fine, doing great, no sign of allergic reaction. I'm just still horrified, because if they had admitted him while refusing to believe in his allergies? They'd probably have killed him or starved him.

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