Brenna (twistdfateangel) wrote in bad_service,

I am at my wit's end here. I love my job and the kid I look after is a joy, but I am supposed to get paid by a private contractor, funded by the government. I say "supposed to" because they have been giving me merry hell for entirety of this month.

So, in August, I took a job, looking after a friend's son, who was diagnosed with autism two years ago. Since the family is on Medicare and is struggling to stay afloat, they have the assistance of a former government department, gone private. Usually, I have to wait a little to get my paychecks (I don't get paid on Fridays), but I rarely have to wait more than, say, a week.

Since the beginning, I have been fighting with them over getting direct deposit. I hate using checks with a passion and don't touch them if I can help it. In October, I tried for the third time to submit the paperwork and get direct deposit. Since I don't like using checks, all I had was the old book of starter checks from when I first opened an account. I got paid through October and November in paper checks, but I figured they're always a little slow with things, it'll take a while for things to process.

My first paycheck of December should have come on the 20th. I got a voicemail to that effect. I checked the timesheet site and it says that the check was approved by the kid's mother and is listed as paid. Considering my cell phone bill, rent and groceries are all behind, I'd question the "paid" part. Since the 20th, I have been calling, trying to solve the mystery of the disappearing money. Finally, the kid's mother called and tried to clear it up. They gave her the runaround as well and we both spoke to them. The first person we spoke to was incredibly rude and gave me grief for calling so close to Christmas. Yes, I know it's almost Christmas, I'm sorry about that, but I'm trying to have a Christmas with my family, too. I can't do that if I can't afford the gas to travel.

Eventually, I got transferred over to someone who was at least civil, but informed me that the people who had told me how to set up direct deposit had been incorrect. I can't use a starter check. Nobody said anything for two months! No phone call, no letter in the mail, nothing! Even when I tried to get in touch with them about late checks, asking them what the hold-up was, they couldn't be bothered to tell me!

TL;DR--I get the runaround from the agency and don't get paid for a month. Nobody at the Agency cares enough to help.

UPDATE: I finally got paid on the 26th. They sent a pay schedule with it, though it's for next year, so it's really somewhat useless until January. Thanks for the help and the well-wishes, everybody!
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