Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in bad_service,
Ansela Jonla

You what?

I went to my GP's surgery yesterday to try and get an appointment for replacing my 3-year bc implant. Turns out that they only have one doctor who handles that, and she's only in on Mondays, and they can only do same-day appointments for it, for which I have to phone up at 8am... on the only day of the week I am going to be out of the house at that time, and she's not in at all on the 23rd, which would be 3 years to the day since it was originally put in. Anyone know if it's dangerous for them to remain in slightly over the three year mark? Lovely. That, however, is not the bs.

As soon as I mentioned that it was a birth control issue, one of the other receptionists/nurses within hearing range in the office just snorted loudly. And proceeded to have a one-sided conversation over the photocopier with another nurse, about how sinful and against Allah's will birth control is.

I was just speechless at that. The others in the office area didn't really look too pleased either; even the two younger women in hijabs looked shocked at what she was saying. I'm really hoping she's not the one who answers the phone on Monday, as it's going to be hard enough to talk on the bus without getting religion-based attitude on top.
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