robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

No Wonder Sears is Going Bankrupt

So I decided to buy a toolbox as a gift and since I had a lot of membership points with Sears I decided to buy it from them. I went to, found one I liked and placed the order for in-store pick up at the Sears in my town as they showed five in stock. The order seemed to go through fine, got the order confirmation page and number and my points applied no problem. It all went downhill from there.

I was expecting an email shortly to tell me the order was ready for pick-up. Instead I received an email telling me that the order could not be completed because they could not process the payment on card ending in YYYY. I immediately realized the problem as I did not recognize YYYY and it certainly wasn’t my card number.

I figured I must have entered something wrong but the email also told me that they had saved my cart and if I clicked the link and updated my payment options the order would go through. Sweet. Except when I clicked the link it brought me to a page that stated “Cart Empty”.

Then I call Sears and give them the order number. They tell me the order has been cancelled but I can place it again over the phone. Everything goes fine until I try to apply the points (you know, the reason I decided to buy from them instead of shopping around). I don’t have any points. The phone rep lets me know that if I had applied the points to the cancelled order it could take up to 3-5 business days for them to go back on the account and no way to use them for the current order. I cancel the order and I’m a little pissed but mostly at myself for somehow screwing up.

That’s when I take a closer look at that order confirmation page. Paid by card number ending in XXXX. That’s my card number. That’s what I entered. I have no idea why there system did not use the payment information that I entered and apparently made up some other card number. I sent customer support an email detailing the situation and letting them know they may want to fix the glitch in their system before they lose more customers. I think I will be buying a toolbox elsewhere.

TL;DR: Sears basically sends me an email saying, “We decided not to use the payment information you entered and when we tried to take payment from a card number we made up out of thin air we were shocked it did not go through. Oh and your order is cancelled and those points you earned by being a loyal customer are in limbo for now”.

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