rainfae (rainfae) wrote in bad_service,

I don't own emotion, I rent.

I came home early to meet a technician so he could do a furnace tune up.  My landlord's property manager had called and arranged the tune up but since I was home, he didn't stay for the actual job.  I was fine with that and felt I could handle anything that came up.  I showed the technician to the basement, made a little small talk, and even offered him coffee or tea.  At one point he said he was a bit concerned about a large amount of white particles/dust-like substance.  He said he was going to do a combustible test and look at replacing a few parts of the furnace.  He wasn't very chatty and I figured he might like some time without me looking over his shoulder, so I went upstairs to wait.  Every thirty minutes or so I went downstairs to check on the progress, but he spoke even less.

After an hour and half he came up the stairs, carting two of his three large buckets/tools.  I walked with him to our front door, asking him for an update on what he got done.  I was very friendly and casual, basically asking, "So what all did you do today?"  I got the strangest look!  Incredulous and distant at the same time.  He turned away and started out the door.  I asked, "I just want to know how everything went..."  I don't think that was an unreasonable question, given the strange white powder and the noises the furnace had been making.  He said he had to grab the rest of his stuff before he could talk.

So I waited while he brought all of his stuff out to his truck, making several trips.  After the last one, I watched him get into the truck and sit there for a few minutes, writing something.  I thought he'd come back into the house to give me the update and even opened up the door several times, leaning out and looking at him.  I'm sure he had to have seen me looking at him.  Sure enough, he just drove off.  It felt very rude and discourteous of him to refuse to tell me anything about what he did for that hour and half of work!   Very disrespectful.

I mean...I know I'm renting the house and not the owner, but THIS IS MY HOME.  I've lived here for a year and expect to be here for quite a while.  I deserve to know what's going on with the mechanical bits, especially if there are things I can do to maintain the equipment and maximize its efficiency!  Since he didn't know me and thus have reason to dislike me, this really felt like prejudice against me for some unknown reason.  Why else would he give me a dismissive and rude look and evade answering my very simple, and friendly question of, "so what all did you do today?"

I called the property manager and thanked him for scheduling the tune up.  But I made sure that he knew I was upset over the technician's attitude towards me.
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