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Went to the dentist today to get two fillings done. My old dentist had left, so it was a new person. I have a phobia of dentists, and I also have a hard time getting numb. It takes a high dose of Novocain. And that's in my file. They know that.

So, she puts in the shot, waits about 10 minutes. I'm not numb at all. So she gives me a second shot and waits another 10 minutes. At this point, I'm slightly numb, but not completely. I tell her this, but she's in a hurry. So she says she's going to go ahead and start, and if I have pain, stop her. She starts drilling, and predictably it hurts a lot. I get shooting pain, so I jerk. She stops, but she yells at me for moving even though it was an involuntary reaction to the pain. She puts more Novocain in and only waits a couple of minutes this time. At this point, she insists that she has other patients and we need to get this done. So she keeps going. It hurts a lot, but I just let her finish because I'm already miserable and freaking out and just want to get this over with.

Just, ugh. Not sure what was going on. Maybe she put the shot in the wrong spot. Or maybe it just wasn't going numb today. But either way, she really didn't help with my issue with dentists. I probably should have spoken up or just called it a day, but I was a little too freaked out at that point to do anything but sit there and bear it.
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