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USPS. Nothing you haven't heard before.

I am so sick of dealing with them. Local post office is just crap. Background, shipping via usps to my apartment ends up with delayed stuff (saying it was delivered when it wasn't), so I ship it to my mom's work nearby. Problem solved, right? Not for long. Here's some stuff I recently dealt with in the past six months:

This one isn't a big deal, but a wtf. I live in Texas. A package from Idaho was shipped all the way to a sorting facility in NEW HAMPSHIRE and then to Texas. Riiiight...that one at least got here without a problem.

An envelope containing a book, to my apartment. Tracking said delivered. Check mailbox which it WILL fit in, not there. Check apt office, nothing. I give it some time, and eventually it shows up about four days later after it was claimed to be delivered.

So I switch to shipping to mom's work. First time comics show up in a box that fits in the mail box there. No problem. Next two times, tracking claims the business was closed on a Saturday, when my mom was there and regular mail was received. Mom asks about a package each time cuz I check tracking daily and I text her about it. The mailman says no packages. Tracking claims business closed, notice left. No notices, and my mom asks the guy and he says no packages. Packages usually show up on Monday when this happens.

Today. Mom's work is actually closed today. What does tracking say? DELIVERED. But the business is closed! I go by and check it out. Regular mail is there. No package, no notice. In a fury, I go to the post office to inquire. I get directed to talk with a 'supervisor', which requires me going to a door and ringing a bell. This throws me off, but I'm used to small town post offices that don't have this; I now live in a busy Texan city. I tell him how tracking says delivered but the business is closed. He asks for my ID, the address, and checks in the back. Nothing, as I expected. He dismissively and monotonously suggests I come back tomorrow morning (which I can't cuz I work 6-2, but if it doesn't show up tomorrow I'm going to just give into my anger, which I NEVER do in businesses, but USPS pisses me off so much that I think they deserve it). The worker who helped me before said maybe they could call the carrier the package was supposed to be on, but I was being blown off and getting too pissy to even want to deal with it. UPDATE: it's Dec 13 and still not here. Was shipped 2 day priority with $50 insurance thankfully. Hell will be raised at the PO if this doesn't show up in a couple days

My other package was shipped out December 4, and tracking hasn't been updated since Dec 6, until about an hour ago. I know their tracking is lame, but I usually don't have a problem with it (until this time when they didn't update, lost it or whatever). So they should both be delivered tomorrow, according to tracking. UPDATE: this arrived Dec 13. Took so long cuz it was media mail, which I didn't know

What KILLS me is one of the employees asked me what I was there for, so I told her. She acted extremely exasperated about the post office's actions, and mentions how they need to pick up their game, and generally implied that these problems happen a lot. That's great to know, like it already wasn't frigging obvious.

What really sucks is a lot of places (like ebay) don't have an option to use different delivery businesses, so I'm stuck with usps- otherwise I would completely avoid them, since complaining will probably do absolutely nothing. I know Christmas is close and this stuff tends to happen, but I refuse to let this post office get off on any excuse. This crap has been happening for the past six months since I moved to my current location.
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