madamearnoux (madamearnoux) wrote in bad_service,

My doctor's appointment was about my vitamin D levels. Or lack thereof since I'm pretty much a vampire.

The nurse brings me in to the room and hands me a sheet that says "Weight Management" with tips on how to lose/maintain weight.

The nurse didn't say a single word when she handed it to me. No disclaimer, nothing at all about why I was given it. My weight is well within the healthy range but I refuse to be weighed at this clinic because no matter what I do, they always announce the number to me.

I have a history of body dysmorphic disorder so this was VERY disturbing. Later my doctor tells me they're giving this sheet out to every patient that comes in.

Well gee, you might want to mention that at some point. Sometime before I'm wondering why the hell my doctor's concerned about my weight.
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