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My husband ordered a Blu-ray steelbook from Amazon.ca. We received it, opened the packaging, and the part that was covered by the display card was COMPLETELY caved in!

We returned it to Amazon.ca and they just issued us a refund. The problem? They didn't refund either the shipping to us nor the return shipping.

Total cost of the item before shipping: $20

Total cost of shipping: $20

So we basically PAID $20 to receive a screwed up item and send it back.

Thank you so much for allowing us to waste money on you, Amazon.ca.


Here's your guy's "missing" details. I was at work and pissed and didn't realize that Amazon.ca's promising of a full refund and not receiving magically isn't bad service just because I was still waiting on their response. It's still bad service. Bad service that can turn good, but isn't yet.

- I bought directly from Amazon.ca (not a seller)
- Amazon.ca doesn't provide return labels for US customers
- They promised a full refund for defective or damaged goods
- I received a refund of $20, when I should have received a refund for $30

Thankfully they are claiming that they will send a full refund (including return shipping which I wasn't expecting, I fully expected to be out the $10 to send it back), which is good. I appreciate that. They blamed it on "technical difficulties" instead of taking responsibility for making a mistake, but whatever. As long as the refund actually comes through, I'll be happy. The only thing making me unsure is that I haven't received an additional refund notice with the remaining amount, so we'll have to wait and see if they'll actually refund it.

So still waiting to see if it'll be turned into good service or not.
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