cathysk (cathysk) wrote in bad_service,

Misdiagnosing Glaucoma

My husband, children and I switched to a new eye doctor a year ago last fall. The new doctor and his wife are optometrists in their own (non-chain) practice in Hawley, PA.

In Oct. of 2012, they diagnosed my husband with glaucoma and said he has lost 25% of his peripheral vision. He has been visiting them every month since then for pressure checks, visual field checks and a lot of other tests (at a $25 co-pay each time). He was also put on Travatan drops to prevent any more loss of vision. My husband never noticed any loss of vision, but the eye doc said that that was normal.

We asked him about seeing a specialist or even an opthamologist, but the eye doc assured us he was perfect capable and comfortable treating my husband. He also said he treats a lot of glaucoma patients.

This past October, they diagnosed our 15 year old daughter with glaucoma. When the doctor diagnosed her, he said that #1- he had diagnosed at least a dozen children with glaucoma in the last month and rattled off their ages; #2- the computer system that he uses in his office is the same one that NASA uses on their astronauts and #3- we could take our 15 year old to a leading pediatric glaucoma specialist and he would say her eyes are fine because he would be using old fashioned methods.

Well, that set off my "hinky meter" and I called her pediatrician when we got home. Our daughter was seen by a glaucoma specialist about a month later and she does NOT have glaucoma- or any signs of it at all. My husband was seen earlier this week by a glaucoma specialist and he also does NOT have glaucoma.

So, my question is, what, if anything, can be done about it? I don't mean to sue them, but I think that someone should look into this. We are talking to our insurance company and I was thinking of talking to the attorney general? Does anyone have any experience with this?
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