grammar nerd extraordinaire (misslynn) wrote in bad_service,
grammar nerd extraordinaire

A minor whine and a minor update

First, re: my HOA claiming they got my check for 2 months' worth of fees but never actually cashing it -- there is still zero evidence of it in my bank account. December's check, however, got cashed promptly. As far as HOA is concerned we are up to date and we got two months' worth of fees for free. Or something. Still baffles me.

Second: It's not so much bad_service as no_service -- I have had Blue Cross insurance for years. I have been an individual payer for all that time. It's a month-to-month basis so basically as long as I tell them before the 5th of the month I can cancel it for that month.

As of Jan 1 I am eligible for health insurance through my job. All I need to do is call BCBSIL and cancel the policy. There is no way to do this online. Their "contact us" form gives you no evidence of a submission being received and there is no online chat. I called a couple weeks ago and was told I had to call again after the 5th. So I tried Monday. Wait time quoted of over an hour. I was at work and have call waiting, so I just put the receiver down and listened to the tinny hold music for an hour... until I was disconnected. It also said to "call back Thursday or Friday." So this morning I tried again. Got the same wait time message and "call back Thursday or Friday." Uhh.

I will obviously have to keep trying -- and I'll try in the evening or something -- but how can you not have enough agents when this is clearly the busiest time of year plus all the new legislation is kicking's ridiculous.
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