Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Help with Ebay seller?

Update from this post: "Why are you *still* selling something you claim to have no more stock of?"

Seller hadn't gotten back to me, so I politely inquired when they might be refunding me (as I bought the item in November, I didn't want to miss my chance of not being able to make a claim with Paypal incase something went wrong). They replied with when they get the time because they're slammed for the holidays.

I paid via paypal, and I'm pretty sure it's just clicking one link to issue a refund (maybe I'm wrong? I just didn't think it was complicated). I could understand if she had to get a money order, or cheque to refund me, but this makes me feel leery. Am I being an entitled customer wanting my refund back now and not later? (I'm honestly just worried that I'm being scammed and they're waiting for this to pass the time I can make a claim). I understand that they're busy but I imagine they have to go in paypal anyway to confirm receipt of payment (they had to go in there to "cancel" the shipment but didn't bother refunding me). Is it bad_service because what does her being slammed with orders have to do with her ability to issue a refund on paypal? (A couple of days I understand, but the wording makes me think they want to wait until after the holidays to issue it, at which point if they don't issue a refund, I'll be SOL).

What if I needed the money to use on holiday shopping, or buying the same decal somewhere else (what if it was a gift for the holidays)?

If this isn't bad_service (and/or I'm being a horrible customer), or allowed, I will definitely delete it, thanks.
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