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Ok. How about 12 cents?

I thought of this very community last night, after we got the bill. My friend treated us to dinner out, and she paid in cash. Well, she was due $xx.12 back in change from the twenties she paid with.
And the service was not very good. She's lucky my friend is just a big tipper. I mean, not that *I* would stiff her, but I wouldn't have been so generous as my friend was with her 25% tip.

It just irked me.... why are more and more businesses deciding on their own that we don't deserve our full change back? That's just effing rude.
(and I would have even asked for it if the waitress had, like, ever come BACK after giving us the "change". We didn't see her once until we finally left.)

Then I was thinking... so how does the business account for this in bookkeeping? Nickle and diming us all to death, and winding up with an overage.
However... then I thought "Well, the waitress probably kept it for herself."

What? We looked like such poor tippers that she just had to keep $0.12 to make sure she got something?

I don't know. Since it was my friend's money, I didn't fuss about it much, though she did notice of course that she didn't get all her change back.

And I KNOW it's "only twelve cents" but we all know that will add up after awhile. I'm just not liking the way people/businesses are deciding we don't deserve our full change back.
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