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Love the dentist, the secretaries need some work though...

I had a great dentist in a town, a few towns away.. it was an hour, or an hour and a half drive to get there, but it was well worth it because I trusted him, and he worked with me on payment plans when I didn't have insurance. He also understood my phobia of needles, and didn't make nasty comments when I cried (dentists used to when I was younger, IDK if they've since learned being nasty doesn't help calm anyones nerves, IDK).

He changed his hours though, and stopped working weekends which made it near impossible to go and see him, and I wasn't overly fond of the other dentists he employed (nothing wrong with them, I just didn't know them as well as I did him) so I thought why not change to someone closer? My mom had found someone just a few blocks away, who worked weekends and had late nights, and she'd had no problems previously with them, so I thought I was set!

I switched dentists, and on my first visit they asked all kinds of random questions. I guess they were trying to make small talk or something, but it just felt nosey, but I answered them because my anxiety was bad that day and I didn't have the nerve to have a confrontation/shut them down. (Questions about why I didn't take my husband's last name, if I was planning on changing it in the future, or was in the middle of doing so, etc like completely unrelated to the dental services and were asked before they would start on getting anything ready/doing any work).

Afterwards, I paid and made another appointment for a cleaning and the secretary started talking about making a third appointment for replacing two crowns. I only have one, and it is not old at all, or even loose, etc, and besides the dentist didn't even tell me anything like it needed replacing in the chair.. so I just wrote it off as an error and didn't book that appointment. I told her I didn't know what that was about, and said I was focusing on my current bad tooth that needs a root canal/crown before I do any non-urgent work. Except every time since they keep trying to book an appointment for that. It's changed from "replacing two crowns" to "getting two crowns." (There are only two secretaries, one for Saturdays, one for Mon-Fri so it's not like someone new keeps seeing the note and asking).

And each time they also inquire when I'm going to bring in my insurance information for them to go over and "help me understand" but I have yet to ever indicate I didn't understand my policy. (There's no reason for them to have it since they can't electronically submit it, the insurance I have for whatever reason requires I manually submit EVERYTHING, even prescriptions, which is annoying but what can you do? The local drug store doesn't ask me every time I bring in a script... so.. I don't know why they keep insisting. All together, everything just feels weird/fishy. It's probably just me but I just don't feel I can trust them with all the things that keep happening :/).

In addition to that, my mom has seen them since I switched and they electronically submitted to her insurance company a procedure they didn't do. When she inquired (because she got the statement from the insurance company that they'd been paid for X procedure), the secretary kinda brushed it off as no big deal "oh yeah but you're going to get it done right? this way it's already paid for!" But I mean, who's to say she's a) going to get it done with them and b) getting it done at all? She had to ask three different times and finally threaten to call the insurance company before the dentist finally appeared, apologized and promise to mail back the cheque.

I've also paid for services rendered on my husband and I on Saturday, and they claimed I didn't pay for his appointment the Thursday after. (There's a different secretary who works Saturday than during the week, so it's obviously a clerical error and I have no problem bringing in my receipt). She also had problems locating that the Saturday had been paid the Monday previous too, so there's just a big cluster of clerical problems in this office.

Also, my husbands appointment got changed around without notice on Monday. He told them he wouldn't be able to make it at 11am, since he works an hour away, he would end up having to take the day off, which didn't make sense, could they change it back? They said yes, if they are able to reach the person who they switched it with, and that someone would call him Saturday. He told them that if they couldn't change it to please just cancel it. Well, no one called (they're open to noon, and we didn't get a chance to be not roaming on our cellphones to phone and check in time), so he ended up taking the day off for other reasons so he called in to tell them he could make the appointment if it was unchanged... and it was (unchanged). Except when it was time for him to go in, someone else entered claiming to have the same appointment time. The secretary on Saturday apparently called him, told him his appointment had changed, didn't call my husband to tell him his was cancelled (we would've gotten caller ID, or voice mail even in roaming), and didn't cancel his appointment. Poor other guy was told to leave and come back later in the day (and thankfully he could!)

Now, I'm trying to get them to send x-rays to my person who does root canals. It's not their standard guy (ie. they didn't like me insisting to see the guy I want to but tough bananas, it's my mouth, and my money, I'm going to see who I trust), so there's been all kinds of random problems. I told them his office's email and asked the secretary to send the xrays to him. His email is I guess she didn't listen to what I read out and googled it herself or something and ended up sending my xrays to so now my xray/referral has been sent to some person who shares a similar name/claims to be some sort of doctor, idk... so that's lovely. She also gave my a tiny print out of the tooth that needs the root canal, which is really low in contrast (super washed out, you can barely distinguish the teeth from the gums little less the roots, it cuts off half of the tooth that needs the root canal, and it's super tiny/not what I or the doctor asked for (the doctor specified it to be electronically.. both referral and xray.. but ugh whatever).

After all this I'm considering just taking my chances with a new dentist in the old office despite it being so much farther away. I'm really disappointed because this current dentist is able to freeze me with one needle and immediately while other dentists have always had to give me 2x the needles and book an extra 15 minutes because I take a long time to freeze. It's unfortunate that secretaries are so seemingly inept :(

I apologize if it's all over the place, I kept remembering more things as I was writing. If there's any confusion feel free to ask and I'm glad to elaborate, or fix it.
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