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So...why are you here??

Went to a food Walmart by my house with my roommate and husband, we (hubs and i) decided to give food goodies for christmas this year since our wedding was an expense even with awesomely cuttable corners. The 3 of us are waiting at self checkout (one line for four registers) when a last shoves post with a full cart and tries to snag the next register.
All four people in line share wtf looks and my roommate yells ” umm...there's a line here”. I walk up to the self check assistant and ask him to point the line out to rude lady and he...looks up from his magazine, shrugs, then keeps reading. I say ” are you serious?!?” and get a ” not my problem” without so much as a glance in my direction. I give my most sarcastic ” gee...thanks” then manage to jump between rude lady and the person in front of her to scan the water bottle I'm holding. As rude lady is about to say something I turn to her and say ” ma'am, that orderly group of people that you rudely shoved past is called a line, and considering the fact that you had to crash into two parts to shove past it I highly doubt that you were unaware of that fact. My order is started now so kindly step side so my friends can bring their cart over and then you can step to the back of the line like every other decent human would”.
Not the worst service in the world, but that dismissive attitude just boils my blood, and I had just gotten off work with table after table of entitled assholes with zero concept of other people and was just done with it today. On the plus side...I worked bacon into a cookie and it was awesome!

Edited to add paragraphs and fix typos...why don't they make slide phones with a keyboard anymore? :(
Tags: wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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