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Let me preface this by saying that the MAJOR issue here is that my grandmother had two of her doctors told by her cardiologist that she had aortic stenosis. Her nephrologist (she lost a kidney to cancer and is currently in end stage kidney disease) then treated her kidney function issues by changing around heart medication to take some of the pressure off the kidney. Her GP changed some of her blood pressure meds operating off of the report he was sent from the cardiologist detailing the stenosis. The week of Thanksgiving, we found out that she does NOT in fact have aortic stenosis and this is where my questions come in:

She ended up in the ER the Monday before Thanksgiving. I brought her in around 9am for SOB. Turns out that her heart was barely beating (she was averaging 29 beats per minute) and the edema had built up in her body all the way to her neck. At one point, they brought it the crash cart because of how bad she was. They decided she might be on too much cardiac medicine (which the nephrologist put her on thinking she had stenosis) so they gave her calcium to revert that. She was super critical Monday and Tuesday and then once some of the meds got out of her system, she started doing better.

Wednesday, her GP ran a new echo and chest CT to get a better idea of her heart. One of her enzyme levels showed that she might have had a silent heart attack. Her doc did say that the enzyme level could have been high due to the CHF on Monday but that we would watch it. Neither the echo nor the chest CT showed aortic stenosis. She never had it. So now these two doctors treated her to the point she ended up on death's door in the ER because of what her cardiologist told them.

She refuses to do anything about it. She says she's too tired and doesn't want to bother with suing the cardiologist for a misdiagnosis. I tried to explain to her that it's not just because he messed up with HER, but it's to protect other people he might be hurting now or in the future. She still refuses to hear it. My dad has POA (as does my mom) - but we've been lead to believe that because she is coherent, my dad can't do anything on her behalf without her permission at this point.

However, she is 85 (and her mother and father both lived into their 90s) and could live another five or seven years at which point I believe my dad would still have legal recourse. But at this point - would it just be better to call an anonymous tip into the Health Board or something? See, I work in the medical field as a CMA, but I've never had to deal with this side of it before. I've helped people get their charts together when they have taken legal action against a doctor and I know all the material you need to have for a good case, but I don't know where to go from this point. I really don't want his doctor hurting other patients if I can help it.

Any advice?
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