Joey the janitor. (raai) wrote in bad_service,
Joey the janitor.

City bus update.

Update to this post for those wondering:

I was phoned today and apologized to. The driver was spoken to as well, and she agreed with me that the driver was very unprofessional. She also told me that there is limited space on the bus and that could have been why it was mentioned in the first place, I agreed with her and explained that my stroller can fold in the event someone gets on that needs the space in the future. If the driver had explained that as well, just a "you're taking up a lot of room and other people might need it", then yeah, it would have been fine.

She also said that, no, there was zero reason why we were told to pay again, and that we shouldn't have. I told her I wasn't worried about getting a refund, but my friend was. She said that yes, my friend would get her ride back.

So, all in all, even though it took a while to get back to me, it turned into good service.
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