Kimberly Wills-Starin (fluffydragon) wrote in bad_service,
Kimberly Wills-Starin

I just need to vent.

Another shipping story.

I ordered a new Lightsaber from SaberForge (this is totally not their fault btw, this is completely on the shipping company) And thankfully the only thing missing was a wall charger. The saber and blade were both in the box and unscathed. The hilt and blade were still wrapped up nicely and appear to be unscratched.

The reason I'm missing the charger is because the top of the box was TOTALLY RIPPED THE FUCK OPEN. Like, destroyed. The top five inches was hanging by a small pieces of cardboard and the edges were wide open and jagged.

Right now I'm just happy that no one stole it/nothing else was missing from the box except the charger and likely paper instructions/sale receipt. And possibly an allen wrench, if they mail those out to customers.

On top of that, the box was left partially off my porch, as if the delivery person just threw it at the general direction of my front door.


I've contacted the shop and gotten good responses from them so far, so I expect this will be resolved by them in a timely manner. I sent them a photo of the box and told them they should get a refund on whatever they paid to 2-day ship a lightsaber.

So - great service from SaberForge. IDKWTF from the mail. It's a Priority box, so I'm guessing USPS.
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