J (anguisel) wrote in bad_service,

Don't want to accidently a bad_service so I'm asking for advice.

Ye, it be Thanksgiving and Black Friday this week and I work it. Last year I was in my own little cold hovel, away from anything and mainly focusing on checking people out who kept asking me how the hell I managed to stay warm back there. Now I am in electronics, nice and toasty and here is my dilemma.

We have layaway. We are the store that has it year-round if you know what I mean and we have a policy. Within 7 days, if the price on the items you put on layaway drop lower then what they initially were, we will price adjust your layaway to that lower amount and fix it there (it won't go back up once the sale is over). And that there is my problem. Our ad for those two days has been out for about a week in advance now. People prepared and plotted but some are smarter then others. A lot of the tvs went into layaway. By a lot I mean the majority of tvs on layaway right now are the ones in the ads so come those days, since most of the customers did it within 7 days, a lot of those customers will be coming in to price adjust and be on their merry way.
How do I explain that to the customers that didn't shop S-Mart? I know the ad states on nearly every page limited quantities available but we've been getting a lot of 'but your ad says you have it! The website says you have it in stock! ~false advertising~' Do any of you have any tips or whatnot that would help defuse this during those busy days besides telling them the ad covers every single store in the US, the website lies and only updates every 24 or so hours and that someone beat them to the punch by putting it on layaway a few days before the sales hit?
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