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Since we're on the subject of bus drivers...

My mom has a bad eyesight. She doesn't always have her white cane with her because she's not at the point where she needs it to get around, but she does sometimes have it if she's going someplace she knows will have a lot of people so that when she has to apologize for bumping into people, they see the cane and leave it at that (she has had the odd altercation with strangers who get mad at her for bumping them until she explained her eyesight; the cane just helps to reduce those incidents).

She used to go to this knitting course at a senior's centre downtown (she's not a senior [yet], but the knitting class was open to all). One day, the person who would usually give her a ride was not available, so my mom took the bus. Going to the place was no problem, because I was on my way to work needing to take the same bus, which stopped directly in front of the centre; so I rang the bell for it stop for her, and the lady who organized the course was waiting right by the door, so when she saw my mom she went forward to help.

That night (it being late in the year, it got dark fast), the lady was trying to help my mom find the bus stop. My mom not being able to see well, but the lady unfamiliar with bus stops, they couldn't find it in time (they had left the building a bit late). So the lady flagged the bus down, then guided my mom to the door.

Here's where the bad_service lies:
Mom and I both understand fully that busses are meant to stop at their designated stops. However, as soon as my mom was on the bus, he proceeded to bark at her "This is not a bus stop!"

Now, I can understand not necessarily knowing what the white cane means, and I know that busses have their designated stops. But to yell at a person like that? Really?

My mom has a mental illness, so hearing someone yell at her kinda makes her shrink away so she just went to find her seat and ignore the driver. But she wishes she could have said something like "Well, this is a white cane. Do you know what that means?" and gone on from there.

EDIT: If the bus had not stopped, that would have been understandable. The issue was that he was nice enough to stop, and then had to react the way he did as soon as my mom stepped onto the bus. Like, "Ok, I'll stop for you, but I'm gonna make sure you know I'm not happy about it."

Regarding "bark" vs "yell": I put bark in as a description, but my mom described it as yell when she told me the story. The fact that I put bark in one place was just a poor choice of adjective on my part.
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