wenhaver (wenhaver) wrote in bad_service,

condo madness

my husband and i have been having some incredibly..... interesting experiences while trying to buy a condo. we were supposed to close at the end of may, but are still messing around because people generally cannot do their jobs.

but i'll spare you most of those stories. this one is short, and from this afternoon. i actually had to go take a little walk to calm down before i could even explain why i was so angry.

with all the problems we've been having, the real estate agent suggested that i contact the condo developer directly to resolve some issues. he gave me the developer's personal cell phone number. so i called it, and some whiny lady answers. i ask for the developer, and she asks to take a message. i explain that i had some questions about the unit, and the real estate agent suggested that i talk directly to the developer. she said in the rudest tone of voice possible "well, i GUESS i can tell him that, and i'll see if he FEELS like getting back to you".

uhm, ok. well, i GUESS i can see how i FEEL about signing my life away for a mortgage on this unit... you know, the one we've been trying to close on for nearly 2 months now....

i called the real estate agent back, and asked him to please pass my message along to the developer, as he would probably have been luck. he tried to apologize for the developer's financee's rudeness. i told him that i didn't expect him to be accountable for her rudeness, but if that's the way we were going to be treated i didn't know that we wanted to deal with the company.

5 minutes later, i got a call from the developer, who was super cool.

seriously, if you have no people skills and are going to be a total bitch to potential customers, don't answer your finace's direct work cell phone line. just... don't.

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