Christina (jadzia77) wrote in bad_service,

Grumpy bus driver

This happened last year (I was 24). I'm just going to briefly outline how the busses work to make it easier to explain what's going on:
I live in a city where there's a North side and a South side. The "downtown" area is on the South side. In downtown, there's a very small mall called King's Place. This is a sort of central area where ALL the buses stop at the same time so that people can transfer from one to another, whether they're going to the North side or staying on the South side (I'll use S or N to refer to North or South along with the appropriate bus numbers). It's close enough to one of the bridges for this to work. I live on the North side and have to take the number 16S to get to town and transfer to the bus I take for work. At the time, this would be number 13S.
As a result of an auto-immune disease I got almost two years ago, I have to go for regular blood-tests. After one such appointment, it was over two hours before my shift would start. I could have easily walked to work from the hospital (both on the South side), but, why would I want to sit around for two hours in the staff lounge? I had no time to go home, because the bus to take me home (16N) would become the same 16S I would take to get downtown if I was already at home. So, I got on a bus to go to King's Place and got on the 13N, because when it would circle back, it would become 13S and pass in front of work.
So, sitting on 13N, it goes to its furthest point before it becomes 13S, and it has to sit for a few minutes first. After it stops, the driver asked me if I missed my stop or had gotten on the wrong bus. I explained what I was doing, and then he said something about baby-sitting. I didn't fully understand him, as I had been napping (I nap on long bus rides).
Then, that night when I'm on my way home, a friend of mine who live in the same area as me comes up to me while I'm waiting at King's Place for the bus to go home. She had just got off the 13S.
Her reason for being on it was she had been downtown visiting her boyfriend (she was 19 at the time), then he had to go to his graveyard shift, and there was no bus to take her home at the time. She didn't want to wait around downtown after dark (which is understandable, there's some creepy characters due to the proximity of the bars and the men's homeless shelter), so she got on the 13N to wait for it to become 13S and come back to King's Place. It was the same driver I had earlier in the after-noon. He also asked her why she was doing the long route, and after she said why, he said something along the lines of how he's not running a baby-sitting service.
After she told me that, I realized that must have been what he said to me earlier, because I remembered him saying "baby-sitting."
I was outraged. Both me and my friend are adults, we paid our way to get onto the bus with money that we earned from our jobs, and this guy was making it sound like we were immature children.
The next morning, I called the bus company to complain. They said that they'd speak to him and that, as long as my ride is paid for, I have the right to ride a bus for as long as I want (especially given that I have a bus pass, which is good for the whole month for as many rides as I need).

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