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After a hard day’s work, all I wanted to do was get home. The bus was just under 10 minutes late. Not a problem. These things happen. There could have been an accident somewhere along the route during the day, causing the buses to be backed up. There could be a lot of traffic. Any reason. But after the bus driver’s changed and the new driver got into his seat, they decided to talk. This went on for five minutes. After this, the driver got out his mobile phone and began texting. Then, he actually got out of his seat, out of the bus, texted some more, put his phone away, had a fiddle in his pockets doing God knows what, got back into his seat and THEN decided to check the till. Again, checking the till is not a problem. That’s a part of his job. But it really takes the piss doing that AFTER you’ve just spent five minutes faffing about. Then he took the piss AGAIN by striking up a conversation with the passenger sat directly behind him. After standing around for twenty minutes, I finally managed to get on the bus.

A couple of days later I had a hellish ride back home on another bus. The driver was going so fast that he ended up missing the bus stop. He applied his breaks and eventually stopped, but not actually at the bus stop. When some passengers got off, he closed the doors in the faces of other passengers that wanted to get on and drove off at high speed. Every bump in the road was felt. I was thrown about, as was everyone else. He refused to stop at any other bus stop, unless someone was getting off. By the time I got off that bus I was really quite shaken and just eager to get home. I wish I’d have complained but I forgot what the driver looked like and didn’t get the number plate. I was just completely overwhelmed!
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