Joey the janitor. (raai) wrote in bad_service,
Joey the janitor.

City bus failure.

This is an email that I've sent to my local transit system.

"Yesterday November 19th, 2013 my friend and I were traveling to the Riocan center from 300 Conacer. When we arrived at the bus terminal, the 16 was 10 minutes late so when we got to the Kingston center the 4:00pm 9 bus was already gone. We were traveling with our children, mine is 2 months old, hers 17 months. At the time we arrived at the Kingston center, the weather was roughly -1, -5 with the wind chill.

Instead of waiting for the 4:30pm to the Riocan center, we got on the 4:10pm so that the children would not freeze. After the bus made it's trip and was headed back to the Kingston center, the driver asked us where we were getting off. My friend explained that we were taking it around because the other bus was not there when we arrived. The driver told us that "Kingston transit is not a tour service" then she made us pay for another fare when we got to the Kingston center.

It was very obvious that we were traveling with small children. We were not rude to her. She told us that we should have got on the 4:00pm even though it was not there when we arrived, or we would have been on it. I have never had to pay an extra fare, nor talked to so disgustingly.

We only wanted to get out of the cold so our children would not freeze."

I'm pretty pissed, not gunna lie. My child is actually sick with a cold too. We didn't realize the buses were going to be so wonky or we wouldn't have even traveled across town. I ended up just paying for a cab for our way home, and even that took a half hour to arrive. But, it wasn't really the cab services fault, they needed to find a cab with a car seat.

I never usually complain about the bus drivers in my town, but it really struck me that she was punishing us for just wanting to get out of the cold. I've ridden those buses around in a circle many times and I have NEVER had to pay twice.
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