sammyfrank (sammyfrank) wrote in bad_service,

Best Buy fail

Decided to treat myself to a new flat screen TV ! Went to the Best Buy website and found a TV that I liked a lot. I often do the store pick up so I don't have to wait around when I get there. At the checkout I was told that the TV was only available and ready for pick up in a store that is a 45 minute drive. Great deal so I agreed and purchased it.

Today at 4 am I get an email from Best Buy - gee, we checked our inventory and seems we don't have this TV. If you want to get it from another store, or have it shipped to you, just call us. The first time I called the computer system left me on hold for 8 minutes. Called back again and was told that this TV does not exist anywhere, in any store. While I'm left on hold I peruse my Paypal account and find that they have already deducted the amount of the TV from my account !!!

The customer service rep asks me if I would like to speak with someone in Sales to find me a comparable TV so I agree. On hold another 8 minutes. The sales rep had no idea what the problem was, despite my explaining it very clearly and calmly. Hey I still want a TV !! Finally after going round and round for about 10 minutes I just had to move on. So now I'm out the money and have no TV.

I went to the Best Buy website where it said you could cancel your order to try to get my money back, but now my order number does not exist in their system, despite my cutting and pasting the number from my confirmation email. I finally filed a case with Paypal to try to get my money back, but what kind of company charges you before they even find out if they have the product to sell you ?
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