grammar nerd extraordinaire (misslynn) wrote in bad_service,
grammar nerd extraordinaire

... what just happened??

This is more of a total WTF on my part... I actually received pretty good service but something has clearly gone awry somewhere.

We live in a townhome and pay HOA dues every month. We receive the bill around the 20th of the month and it's due by the 15th of the next month.

I wrote the dues for October, mailed it out, and did not realize until around Oct. 18 that it never got deposited. Crap. I got the new bill with both October & November's dues on it, plus a late fee.

I called the HOA manager and she agreed to remove the late fee and I promptly sent the check for October & November. I watched my bank account carefully. Ten days later, no sign of it, so I called the HOA again; she confirmed that they had received my check. I even talked to the accounts payable lady who sent me confirmation that we have a zero balance, but there is still NO sign of the check in our bank account.

So I talked to Chase, and just spoke with a woman on the phone who was very courteous but said that it was on the HOA's end.

I suspect the HOA has not actually physically deposited the check, but I can't prove it, and they seem to be content that our account is current. It would not be a real problem if the check suddenly did get deposited in a month or two, but... the whole thing is just mystifying.
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