lizza (darkfireangel88) wrote in bad_service,

Management company fail

So for Halloween at work this year I decided to dress up as Pam Poovey from the show Archer. ( She's a hilarious character and I love her.) Since she looks basically like a normal person in office attire, I went online and found a cheap dolphin puppet to add to my costume. Ordered it last Wednesday, the 23rd, from Amazon. I got an email saying it was delivered to the office. Great! My work hours don't jibe with the office hours very well, so I wasn't able to pick it up until Wednesday, the 30th. My boyfriend has a package there as well.

I go to the office, say I have a package. The woman working looks at the big pile, doesn't see it. Goes to one of the closets, opens and searches. What's the last name? There should be one for [my last name] and one for [boyfriend's last name.] Hmm...all we have is one for [his last name.] Oh, well I know it was delivered, I have an email that says so! Who signed for it? Um...I have no idea. Well the company could have said it was delivered but if we were out they'd have to hold onto it, so maybe they still have it and will bring it back today. (But then wouldn't it say returned to hub or something in the email?) I'm confused, but she says she'll check into it and give me a call. They're open until 5, and it's about 3 at this time.

I'm out running errands, and when I get back it's a little after 4. I check my email and no, it's says delivery confirmed on Friday the 25th. I text my boyfriend a bit, and he says he should actually have two packages. Also has a confirmation email from Monday. Hmm. I call the office, no answer. I walk down there quick, it's about 4:45 at this point, and they're closed. Awesome. I call again, leave a bit of a shirty message (basically hey, you were supposed to be open until 5, and let me know about my stuff, and no one did, I needed this for a costume and now I don't have it, let me know what the deal is), and figure out a different costume.

Thursday morning I get a message from the office. We found your package and your boyfriend's, they were in the office the whole time, just in a different closet, "Oops!" Yes. She actually said "Oops!" with a bit of a chuckle. No apology for not checking there during my visit or after. Or for not calling me yesterday. Or closing early.

Yeah it isn't the worst thing in the world, but it was definitely irritating and I was super pumped to go as Pam because it would have been funny, and the blase way she blew me off about it still bothers me. And apparently the last time my boyfriend ordered something, a couple months ago, they pulled the same kind of thing, he just never mentioned it. In the future I think we're just going to get things shipped to his or my work (since we do a lot of online ordering for the holidays.)

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