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old navy

On the 4th of July, I stopped by Old Navy to hit up their patriotic t-shirt sale. *grin* Before I decided to drive all the way to the store, though, I called to see if they had a particular skirt in stock, because I had received one as a gift that wound up being too big and wanted to exchange it. Really, that was the main reason I went to the store.

When I got there, I confirmed with the cashier that I had come for the skirt. When she trotted it out, I was frustrated to find that it was the wrong skirt! I was pretty annoyed that I had come all that way for nothing, but I understand that no one is perfect so I didn't care and wasn't going to say anything other than letting her know that it was the wrong skirt in order to ask her if they had the one I had come for still in stock.

Another (very helpful) employee offered to help me find the skirt I was looking for. On the way back to the women's section, a third employee asked what we were looking for. When I told her, she let me know that she was the one who had taken my call and put the (incorrect) skirt on hold. She asked me what was wrong with it; didn't it fit? I said (politely, and not making a big deal out of it) that actually, it was the wrong skirt - the skirt she had put on hold had multiple ruffles, but the skirt I was looking for had a ruffle around the bottom. Instead of saying "I'm sorry I made a mistake," or something of the sort, she had the audacity to take an attitude with me.

"No," she said. "You did NOT say just one ruffle. You said ruffles. It wasn't MY mistake. It's YOUR fault." I said, "I beg your pardon?" and then I said a bit firmly, "I clearly said ruffle. Not ruffles. Mistakes happen, and I understand that. But you had better drop the attitude, girlfriend." She started to sputter a response, but I walked away and right over to the manager.

I explained that even though I was frustrated at coming out of my way for nothing, I realized that the wrong skirt being put on hold for me was an honest mistake, and therefore not a reason in itself to complain. I would have never said a word if that had been the only thing wrong. However, I then recounted my conversation with the bitchy employee. I let the manager know that a simple "I'm sorry I made a mistake," instead of an argument and a rude attitude would have been greatly appreciated. She agreed entirely and apologized for the employee's behavior.


Oh, and a follow up to my story about the obnoxious waiter in the Olive Garden.... My fiance and I went back in the other night. We happened to get the same waiter. I swear, it was like having a different guy. My letter of complaint regarding the rude way in which he treated my father must have really made them whip his butt into shape. He was incredibly polite to all of his tables, brought hot food in a timely fashion, and returned to check on us. Hey, I figure I did the guy a favor - I bet he's bringing in a lot more money in tips now that his attitude got a major adjustment. I know we left him a bit over 20% this time around.


Wow, it sounds as if I complain a lot, doesn't it? I really don't. I never really mind about slow or poor service; everyone has bad days once in a while. But the one thing that really pisses me off beyond reason and will make me get a manager immediately is if an employee is needlessly nasty or rude to me. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I don't let it slide.

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