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I placed an order online at a store I've used a number of times before, with no problems. It was a pre-order that was supposed to ship June 29. I called them yesterday asking if they knew when it was supposed to ship. The CSR said today. I never got an e-mail saying it had, and my order status shows it as "in process."

I just logged on to my bank account and they charged me on June 28 for $8.78 when the the invoice said my total was $8.57. I never got an e-mail saying the price has risen and even it did, I didn't think that a business could charge you more than you agreed on.

So I'm peeved that I was charged a week ago for something that hasn't shipped and that I was charged for more than I should have been. It's not a lot, but it still bothers me.

Any suggestions on how to handle it when I call tomorrow morning? Should I push for a refund or just to get my order actually shipped?

Also, I don't have any other orders with them right now. The previous one cleared at the right price. I'm not sure I'm gonna do business with them again.

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