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Sainsbury's Game Saga

This is a copy of a letter I am sending to Sainsbury's complaints department. I'm happy to leave in all names and locations, and I've not spell checked it yet. I realise now that I've spent over £20 in petrol trying to get this game purchase sorted - I should have just bought it from Amazon for £18.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you about a problem I encountered when trying to purchase a game on 11 October 2013. The game that I wanted to purchase was "Gears of War: Judgement" for XBox 360. This game was meant to be a gift for my boyfriend's birthday on 1st December, so I intended to make the purchase as soon as possible, seeing as we'd be out of the country from 21st November. I found one on the shelf in your Ely store, marked as "please take me to the till to buy", priced at £16.50 - and I took it to the till to purchase. I paid for it, when a store colleague, Laura, approached me and offered to go and get the game for me. After waiting about 5 minutes, she returned and apologised to me, stating that the game wasn't actually in stock. Laura went and double checked for me, and stated that she would give me a £5 credit and a refund by way of apology. She went away again to check with another colleague, who told me that you'd receive a delivery of the game the following day. She took down my details and promised to hold one aside for me, issued me with a refund but did not give me the £5 credit.

The following day, 12 October, I checked into the store at around 9pm to find that one hadn't been held back for me. I checked again on Friday 18th October and spoke to Sammy, who works on your Click and Collect desk. Sammy was extremely helpful and even checked the Sainsbury's Entertainment website, where the game was in stock for £30.99. I pointed out to Sammy that I didn't want to buy the game online as it was almost double the cost - I wanted to purchase the game for the price I had paid in store. At this point, Sammy should have offered some way of ordering the game into the store specifically for me, but this was not done. She did however make another note of my request.

A week later, Friday 25 October, again just before 9pm, I approached the Click and Collect desk again, and Sammy recognised me. After spending a few minutes looking for the game, she came to the conclusion that either it hadn't come in, or it has come in and it hadn't been put aside for me. A quick look on your stock system showed that the game was not in stock, and it was down as "DD", which Sammy told me meant that the Ely store would not be getting any more in stock. I was now getting agitated about the lack of "going the extra mile" for me. Sammy stated that there was stock in Haverhill, and King's Lynn. She offered to ring the King's Lynn Hardwick store and get one held aside. I said this would be fine - and then Sammy said she would give me the number to ring the store myself. I told her that I would not be doing this - I wanted her authority behind the request. She reluctantly called the store for me, and I requested that she made sure it was Gears of War Judgement that was held aside for me. Once she had confirmed that the store would hold a game aside for me, I asked about my £5 credit. Laura (who originally served me) was within earshot, and she remembered me and arranged the £5 credit. The time on the receipt for this is 9.17pm - showing that I'd wasted at least 20 minutes trying to get this sorted.

The following day I made the 46 mile round trip to the King's Lynn store - glad to finally be getting hold of the game, but annoyed that I had to make the drive myself and that no effort was made to get the game to the Ely store for me. I approached the customer service desk, explained who I was, and low and behold, the game was waiting for me. At last, this ordeal could be over, my boyfriend would have the game for his birthday and I could be done with it. I started browsing your store, game in hand, when I looked down at the game and discovered it was "Gears of War", NOT "Gears of War Judgement". As I'm sure you can appreciate, at this point I am extremely angry. I rush over to the games display, hoping that there would be one still on the shelf. After looking for a few minutes, I approached the Click and Collect desk and explained the problem. The colleague on the till stated that she didn't know anything about the gaming section, but that "Ryan" did. This led to her looking for Ryan by using the phone, asking colleagues within earshot and then finally going to look for Ryan herself. Ryan did eventually turn up, and he went out the back of the store and a few minutes later he appeared with the game!

At this point I almost cried in joy. I can't believe the problems I'd encountered trying to buy a single XBox 360 game. As I walked away, I double checked the game - it was definitely the right game, definitely for the right console! Great - I can go and pay and drive another 23 miles home. Seeing the Saturday afternoon queues, I opted for the self service tills. I showed a colleague that I was purchasing a game, so that he could remove the security box for me, and I proceeded to ring up the game. It scanned at £29.99. I am sure that you can imagine the thoughts I was thinking at this stage! I explained it to the colleague on self service, who called someone over (a manager or supervisor, I'm unsure) and I explained the whole saga again, in great detail. She offered to take me over to the customer services desk, where she could adjust the price for me. As we were walking over, I discovered that another item I was purchasing at the same time was broken, so I asked if I could go and swap it over - leaving my original receipt from the Ely store, with the game clearly marked at £16.50, with her. When I returned, she started saying that the game must have been on offer in the Ely store, and started to imply that she would not honour the £16.50 price. Thankfully she seemed to have a change of heart before I had to argue my case, because she put the game through at £16.50. Finally, weeks after trying to make the purchase from the Ely store, I had the game.

As I am sure you can appreciate, this was completely unnecessary. Your own careers website states that "Our goal is to make all our customers’ lives easier every day by offering great quality and service at fair prices" and I'm sure that you'll agree that this did not happen on this occasion. Whilst I cannot fault how friendly Laura and Sammy in your Ely store were, I did not feel that they did anything to "make my life easier" or offered "great service", especially having to remind Laura about the £5 credit she originally offered. I estimate that this whole saga took 176 minutes of driving (95.8 miles) and nearly 2 hours in store trying to sort out what should have been a simple transaction. This is broken down into visiting your Ely store 4 times (6.1 miles from my house) and King's Lynn once.

I have enclosed copies of all receipts relating to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response.

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