shanacat (shanacat) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Office Depot Service

This a copy of an email I just sent Office Depot about what happened at their store in Santa Clara, CA tonight.

"I would like to start by saying that I regularly shop at Office Depot in Santa Clara, CA on Kiely and Stevens Creek and have been for at least the last ten years. Tonight i fear will be the last time I go to an Office Depot. I went tonight at about 6:30pm looking for a vertical folder file holder and a desk calendar. After selecting my items, I went to the register to pay. I had selected a folder file that was listed on the shelf at $6.99. Imagine my surprise when it ran up for $41.99. I told the clerk that I did not want to spend that much and went to pick out a another one. This one was listed at $9.99. But it rang up at $31.99. The clerk had someone go check it out before going to talk to her manager Robert. He came over and very curtly stated that it wasn't $9.99 despite what the shelf said. I, at this point rather tired of the farce, said " Well, I guess I'll go back a second time." To which Robert said "you can can go back three times, but it ain't going go be no $9.99". At this point I was done. His rudeness was the last straw and I told him that he had just lost a sale and walked out without purchasing anything. I returned to the same store at 7:00pm and went back to the shelf where the same item that rang up at $9.99 was still located, but this time without a price tag in front of it. One can only assume that it was removed after I left. I am not upset about the price issues, but at the level rudeness that I experienced at this store. I was not demanding that I receive the item for $9.99, in fact I had just told the clerk that it seemed that someone was putting tags in the wrong place, I am more upset that the once nice managers at this location have been replaced with managers who seem not to care that they are driving their loyal customers to your competitors. I for one will not be coming back to this store for my office needs."

For those who might think that I was being a bad customer and have cleaned it up for this email. I really didn't care that it wasn't $9.99, but that I seemed to keep picking the mispriced items and my husband was waiting in the car for me to finish. It really was about the managers' attitude towards me when I had been nothing but nice to the clerk and had even been joking with her about it minutes before. I was on my way to put the item back, pick out yet a third file holder, pay and leave when he started with the crappy attitude. This really used to be a good store and I just started a teaching job and really need classroom supplies (in fact I was just there on Tuesday and had no problems). Guess I'll be going somewhere else.

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