Same crap, different day (snow_white) wrote in bad_service,
Same crap, different day

City Link again...

Ordered an item from Amazon with delivery guaranteed by today, and was highly disappointed to discover, upon confirmation of my order, that the chimps from City Link were delivering it. According to the email I received, my parcel could be delivered any time between 07:30 and 17:30, which was a bit of a problem because it was being delivered to my workplace - and reception at work closes at noon on a Saturday. I phoned City Link and gave them my phone number, asking them to pass it on to the driver in case they got to reception after it had shut; my office is literally across the road, and the driver would be able to drop the item off with me instead. Oh yes, they said, we'll give your number to the driver...yes, you can see where this is going, right? No delivery arrived before noon, and I was in my office all afternoon with no phone call. I decided on a whim to check the online tracking, only to find that the driver had supposedly attempted delivery at 11:50 but that nobody had been there to receive it. This is a complete lie, because there was a member of staff at reception at that time - I was speaking to them on the phone just as this attempt at delivery was supposedly being made. No, my guess is that the driver was delayed somewhere, couldn't be bothered to ring me, but chose instead to shove a delivery card through the mail slot at reception at some point this afternoon and drive away. What hacks me off this time is that I had ordered the item on behalf of one of the boys at the school where I work; it was something he needed for a theme night that takes place this evening, so Amazon's offer to rearrange delivery is completely worthless. But what I am seriously fed up with is Amazon's assurances, via customer service reps who have English as a fourth language at best, that they will use my complaint to closely monitor their couriers and improve service! They've been telling me this every time a courier has screwed up, and it has never made a blind bit of difference...

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