Sacch (sacch) wrote in bad_service,

Minor USPS annoyance

I had to ship a package out so I stopped by my local post office this week.

There was an attendant speaking to those in line, asking them what they needed, what kind of shipping they were doing, etc.
I had to package my stuff manually and then I realized I needed help because I didn't see any tape around. However, the attendant was busy chatting away with another customer about things that... definitely weren't work. I understand having a quick chat with a customer to make work less boring- I really do. However, this went on for a few minutes.

The line was starting to get longer and this woman was not helping me or the customers behind me. I have social anxiety, so I'm very bad at confrontation, and just decided to wait patiently. The attendant made eye contact with me more than once and saw me standing there helplessly, yet she continued to chat away. The customers behind me were getting visibly annoyed, and one woman finally had to clear her throat really loud just to get the attendant's attention. When she turned and saw me, she rolled her eyes before asking me what I needed.

Pretty minor compared to what I've dealt with before, but still annoying nonetheless.
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