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So here is the story. My bf got me to place an order from Dark Knight Armoury online on the 06/09/2013. I hadn't used the website before but he'd left ordering late and if we didn't order soon there was no chance of it arriving in time for his LARP weekend. The order totalled $515.32 (more money means I'm more frustrated) and the whole processing thing went down fine.

It's the delivery that is the problem. No where on the item web-page did it mention that items may not be in stock so they'd have to back-order (which takes extra time). I was emailed the next day about this which is fine. They explained it would be an additional 3 to 4 weeks to get the item to them and then they would ship it to me. Okay. The email also explained that they would message me if their supplier needed to back-order the item, so that I'm not left sitting here waiting and wondering if I got scammed.

On the 28/10/2013 I sent them an email as I had heard nothing and it was well beyond their stated period of 4 weeks. No emails about the supplier needing to back-order or that it had been shipped. Nothing. I asked what was happening with my order and I got an email today (calling me Julie, not Julia) saying that "At this time there has been a delay in receiving in this item in from our supplier as it has gone back into production. As this item is handmade our supplier has not provided us with what they feel is a solid arrival date at this time. Let me know if you have any concerns. Have a nice day."

But, weren't you supposed to let me know if this happened? Before I had to ask? Surely you knew this before today? My only concern is as to whether I'll get this Longbow before Christmas. That would be nice considering it was supposed to be here mid October.

I may be over-reacting but it's definitely sucky service in my books. My only problem now is how to say I'm not impressed...politely.


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