the troitzky line (disettes) wrote in bad_service,
the troitzky line

I don't know if anyone remembers my last post where I tried to cancel my Julep subscription and found out it would have been easier to hack off my own arm with a rusty saw, but it ended pretty favorably. I finally got hold of someone with authority, she apologized profusely and told me my account was canceled, and I got told to even keep the October box for my trouble. (Which had a lovely gold nail polish I'm wearing right now, actually.)

So of course, I woke up this morning and saw that my bank account had been charged for 19.99 by...Julep.

I sent a very strongly worded email to them, and I'm calling tomorrow and I'm not going to stop calling until I get my name completely erased from their database/records/whatever. I really advise anyone who was considering buying a subscription with them to not do so. Unless of course, you want to spend the rest of your life either paying 19.99 once a month, or fighting to get your 19.99 back once a month. Great fun!
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