charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

Angry! Fuming! Outraged! >:(

My mum has a bad shoulder and needs an operation on it. After months of waiting, the day finally came around. They wanted her there at 7:30 this morning. They told her to not eat anything after midnight last night. So, after not eating anything for fourteen hours straight, after waiting around for 6 and a half hours, they wheeled her into theatre, only to then tell her, that due to other medical problems that she has, they need two aneathesists and there's only one, so sorry, the operation has been cancelled.

The hospital KNEW about her other medical problems. They cancelled it before due to the same reason but not at the last minute like this time. She's so upset. Her boyfriend went with her too, so God knows how he's feeling about the whole thing. She phoned my nan, clearly upset and angry, so now we're just waiting for them both to get home.

We're taking this further because this isn't fair! If they knew this all along, why did they wait to get her into the operating theatre before telling her?! So angry I could scream!
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