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MCI, now with a customer service dept in hell!

Hi everyone. New guy here. Ive read posts here for awhile but never had reason to post my own story until now. This isn't so much about one person giving poor service as it's about an entire company.

Backstory: I am about to move from the east coast to the west coast to complete my degree. I thought it would be a good idea to check my credit report (for the first time ever) to make sure everything was ok. Well my score wasnt great, mostly due to an MCI account that had been in collection since 2002. The problem with this? I have never had an MCI account in my entire life.

So I first call the collection agency to get some info and that went suprisingly well. I guess it raised my hopes that this could actually get resolved. Silly me. I call MCI to discuss the problem. Over the course of three hours I am transferred to four different departments. Each time I was transferred I would explain the situation, give them the information I had, and listen as they explained that this was not the correct department,that they couldn't access information that old, and that I had to speak to a different department. By the fourth one I was pretty frusterated but still acted nice. Until I got this final woman on the phone who explain to me that MCI does not keep records that have been put in collection years ago and that if I want to dispute this there is noone I can speak to. I can only fax the "bill I am disputing" to a department that apparently does not deal with the public. I calmly explained that I didnt have the bill because I had never opened up an account with them. I also apparently made the mistake of asking her why none of the other departments I was sent to told me this.
This is the response I got:
"Sir, I don't care how many departments you've been transferred to. Honestly if there was a problem with this bill you should've contacted us in 2002. If you no longer have the bill thats not my problem. I suggest you just pay it."
Can you believe that? To flat out say she doesnt care and I should just pay it. Never have I wanted to slaughter someone that much! How hard is it to understand when I say "I did not open this account. This is not me."? I've given up for the day and will try and figure out what else I can do tomorrow. Maybe I'll post more if its interesting.
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