Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

Mail I just posted to British Corporate at Dominos Pizzas...

I have been a customer of your stores for over 10 years, mostly for delivery. In that time I have always been totally satisfied with your company, who, in my opinion, make the best delivered takeaway food I have ever had. Until tonight.

Tonight I telephoned the local store at 53 Peel Street Barnsley, and tried to order a pizza. The person who answered the phone refused point blank to accept the order unless I would give him private information, namely my home phone number (he first asked for my mobile, but I don't have one). I then asked to speak to the manager; there was a pause and then a person claiming to be the manager spoke, but it was absolutely obvious that it was not the manager, but the same person I spoke to previosly, lying about being the manager. I asked repeatedly for the real manager, but he continued with his pretence.

I then asked why he needed my phone number, but he refused to give me relevant answer, saying it was 'to deliver the pizza'. Last time I looked, 3D printers attached to modems hadn't got advanced enough to print pizzas.

I have ordered dozens of pizzas from your company before over a period of more than 10 years and never given a phone number, so I know he was being unreasonable. However, I eventually gave my phone number, speaking very clearly and leaving a gap of two seconds between each number. The employee was then deliberately obstructive, pretending he had not heard me.. At that point I told him I would order elsewhere.

I tried phoning back 5 minutes later, but put the phone down as I got the same obstructive employee.

By the way, if you really want my phone number, it is in the telephone directory; I don't subscribe to the current fashion for ex-directory numbers as standard. I tried to give the employee my name and address, from which he could have looked my phone number up if he really wanted to make junk-mail phone calls about pizza offers. Also, I did not block my number, so he could have dialed 1471 if he wanted to spam me. Clearly he simply wanted to power trip.
Tags: following rules =/= bad service
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