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Comic Bookstore WTF

Dear People Who Work at (what I had hoped was a) New Comic Heaven -

Please stop bad mouthing people in front of the customers. I don't know who Jeremy is, nor do I care, but I can hear you talking about him from every corner of the bookstore (literally, I checked...small bookstore to their credit) and it's really not the sort of conversation you should have while customers are around.

To your credit, you at least looked at me when I entered, but you made me feel uncomfortable enough to leave without buying (and mentally pulling a 'not coming back here again').

I would have spoken to your manager about how uncomfortable it made me, but by the time I gathered the courage to speak up...he joined in the bashing.

Guess I'll go back to the store further away, but where they have decent customer service and a nice guy at the counter who actually takes an interest in the customers randomly milling around.

(Yes, not the worlds worst service but I was left with a rather 'what the hell...' feeling, to the point of leaving without making my purchase. There was a whole other room (besides the manager's office) for them to go chat in if they wanted since the manager was in his office with a nice shiny window looking out over the floor.)
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