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So, I have a little bearded dragon that I purchased in May. I already had a 29 gallon tank, and since he was so small I decided to temporarily keep him in that. I bought him with my ex, and we decided he could help me pick out the new terranium and decorations for it. When the time came, he kept blowing me off until he eventually stopped talking to me, so I admit I _was_ a little late with the ordering of the new terranium, and when I finally went to Petland to buy the one I had seen and loved (a 75 gallon), it was sold out, so I ordered a new one and put down a $110 deposit on it. Was assured it would be in in a week or two, and went on my very merry way.

October 1st, Petland calls me to inform me that they placed the order, and it would be in that week. It's still not in. I tried to check up on it a few times this week, but the stock manager wasn't in and didn't return my calls. I finally got ahold of him today, and he told me that the shipment was delayed, and that he should have phoned me to let me know what's going on, but never did for some reason, but it should be in by the end of this week. I understand that they couldn't help that it wasn't in, but a little heads up that it was coming late so I could decide whether or not I wanted to wait, as Regan has grown another 1.5", and is now definitely too big for his current tank. I realize I should have purchased said terranium maybe a couple weeks earlier, but had I known that it would be taking this long, I would have bought something that was currently in store.

I may be comparing them to Light Your Reptiles, who I ordered some nice 46" UVB lights from at the same time. They personally phoned me to let me know the shipment would be delayed because it's run by just one man who got sick and couldn't ship out anything because he was ill. And then phoned me again when he finally did ship it out. And sent me a spare bulb to make up for the delay. I got the lights yesterday, which also included a note apologizing for the delay. So, I mean, if a one-man show can give me the courtesy of letting me know that my shipment that I need for my little critter's health and happiness was delayed (AND give me free product to make up for the inconvenience), I can't understand why on earth a huge company that employs a ton of people can't do me the same courtesy. (Also, if you have reptiles and live in Canada or the US, I highly recommend Light Your Reptiles, because amazing customer service and also they're one of the few places you can get Arcadia lights, which is, from what I can understand, the number one UVB bulb out there.)

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